A session with me will deepen your connection to both your physical and energetic bodies.  My intuitive style is grounded with a great passion for and understanding of human anatomy, over 14 years of experience, advanced injury work training, and infused with Reiki Master principles.

Together we will focus on stretching, kneading, and melting through layers of connective tissue to alleviate pain, improve ease of movement and allow a better understanding of your own body and patterns.

I love my work as a body worker. It allows me the opportunity to continually explore anatomy, how we function, and how we can improve our connection to our bodies. I am a 2006 graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute in Watertown, MA, American Massage Therapy Association Member, and licensed in the state of Colorado.  Throughout the years, I've worked with professional musicians, cyclists, weekend warriors and working families. My exploration of movement and connection to my own body often includes hiking, dancing, running and yoga.

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Please call or email me at (303) 250 - 7231 or kate@katereppuccimassage.com

I can't wait to begin our work together.

Be Well,